Withdrawal Process

When a student is withdrawing from Woodland Heights Middle School to go to a different school, the office needs to be notified and a parent must come to school to complete the process.  

Proper Steps to Withdraw:

1.  Parent obtains Withdrawal Form from the office. Sign/Date

2.  Student presents the form to all of his/her teachers. Teacher will ask for book (if applicable) and signs the form. 

3. Student checks out with the cafeteria and library.

4. Student returns completed Withdrawal form to the office and receive a withdrawal packet to take to new school.

Items that MUST be resolved pre or post withdrawal:

  • Pay any fees or fines owed 
  • Return MacBook, charger and library or classroom book(s). **MacBook and charger will be inspected for damages. Students may receive an invoice for damaged or defective items after he/she has been withdrawn.** For questions, or to have an in-person inspection of items, please see Mrs. Zimmer upon checkout.