School Profile


Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

At Woodland Heights Middle School we are  Building Responsible, Academically-driven students to be Valuable and Empathetic members of Society.

Reaching for
Ventures in 

Core Values 

  • A student and learning focus
  • Student engagement through high-quality lessons
  • Continuous improvement
  • Growth mindset
  • Reflective practice

There are currently 624 sixth, seventh, & eighth grade students enrolled at Woodland Heights Middle. As a bedroom community of Charlotte, we are located between I-77 and Lake Norman. Our students attend one of three elementary feeder schools: Coddle Creek, Lake Norman, or Woodland Heights. Our student population consists of 95% Caucasian, 3.5% African American, less than 1% Multi-Racial, less than .5% Hispanic, less than .5% Asian, and less than .5% Native American. We have .5% Limited English Proficient and 11% free/reduced lunch.  In addition, 8% of our students receive special education services and 20% are identified as academically gifted in Reading and/or Math.

Program Offerings
At Woodland Heights Middle, teachers design student-centered lessons that are aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study  We offer additional assistance in reading comprehension, fluency, and math through our Brave Time classes during the regular school day. Discovery electives provide the opportunity for students to participate in various enrichment programs including: Yearbook, Battle of the Books, Jr. Beta Club Service, Jazz Band, Spanish I, Envirothon, Chess, Chorus, Dance and more. We provide exceptional children classes in resource, inclusion and regular settings.  We also provide advanced classes in Language Arts and subject advancement in math.